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LaAlba Homes

There are many things about LaAlba Homes that we believe makes us unique.

Our approach to the environment, our people and partnering are just three examples.

As one of the most personable and accessible building companies specialising in construction, development and support services, we pride ourselves on strong family values of loyalty, respect, honesty and openness. They are embedded in everything we do.

We strive to lead our industry’s transition to a low carbon economy, and are the only company in our sector that aims to be carbon neutral and send zero waste to landfill by 2012. We are on the way to achieving this as last year we diverted 85 per cent of site waste from landfill. Our vision for sustainable development is linked to most things we do.

We lead the way with Partnering, which has now become the accepted way to deliver projects on time and budget; we are taking new initiatives with sustainability, including our unique 10 point sustainable criteria for all projects. This is the means of measuring our building site progress to being a true customer oriented business.